Duke University has no emergencies to report and is operating normally

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If there were an emergency, this website would be updated frequently with instructions and information about the incident, campus services and resources available to the Duke community.

All members of the Duke community should take steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in an emergency. Know your role in an emergency and update your contact information with the university. Information may also be available at DukeToday.

Emergency Instructions


In an emergency that requires immediate help from police, fire fighters, or emergency medical technicians, call 911.

Help Phone

You can also use one of 500 Help Phones around campus to report an emergency, crime, or suspicious activity.


If you or a friend needs assistance with a personal issue, seek help by calling Personal Assistance Service at (919) 416-1727 for staff and DukeReach at (919) 681-2455 for students.

How You Can Be Notified

In the event of an emergency impacting Duke's campus, you can be notified through a variety of methods including email, text messaging, web, phone, an outdoor warning system, campus digital signboards, and the LiveSafe mobile app.

  • Email Message
  • Outdoor Warning System
  • Digital Signs
  • Text Message
  • DukeALERT Website
  • LiveSafe App
  • Phone Call
  • In-Person Notification

LiveSafe App

Duke LiveSafe is a free mobile app that offers real-time, two-way communication between Duke community members and the Duke University Police Department. In addition to being able to text the Duke University Police Department and submit anonymous tips, LiveSafe has a SafeWalk feature and provides access to emergency resources. For more information, visit the Emergency Management website.