Snow accumulation amounts turned out to be lower than forecaster estimates with a low of 2 inches, high of 4. The issue is the freezing of precipitation on campus roads and low temperatures – not above freezing – in the forecast for today and tomorrow and those impacts to surfaces. The following campus updates are reported… Read more »

According to the National Weather Service, the wintry mix will transition to all snow later this evening with an estimated accumulation of 6 to 9 inches of snow. The following campus updates are reported at this time: Duke Urgent Care centers will open at 10 a.m. Saturday. Please visit this website for adjusted schedules for… Read more »

As Duke officials continue to closely monitor the storm forecast, the following campus updates are reported at this time: The Nasher Museum of Art will be closed Saturday. Duke Gardens will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. The West Union building on West Campus will be open. Some campus eateries are closed due to winter… Read more »

Due to the forecast of snow and sleet overnight, the severe weather and emergency conditions policy for Duke University and Duke University Health System will be in effect from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 p.m. Saturday. Duke Primary Care clinics will be working to open key urgent care centers as early Saturday as possible to… Read more »