Downtown buildings occupied by Duke employees at 710 W. Main and 700 W. Main streets remain closed. Duke staff and faculty and other Duke community members are advised not to return to the area until further notice because the areas are part of the active explosion investigation. Managers are working with officials to collect personal… Read more »

There were several employees injured from shattered glass during the explosion, and healthcare professionals are working to treat and care for those individuals. “Many Duke colleagues responded quickly and admirably to get help for their injured co-workers,” said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration and Duke’s emergency coordinator, “The coordinated efforts among Durham officials, Duke… Read more »

Duke has relocated or reassigned more than 500 employees who were working in downtown buildings. Plans are underway to secure temporary space where necessary for buildings that were damaged or will be inaccessible in the immediate future.

Faculty, staff, and students in nearby downtown buildings have been evacuated for their safety. People are asked to continue to avoid the area. Several injuries of Duke employees from shattered glass have been reported, and those individuals have been treated or transported for care. Duke Energy will be conducting tests of the power grid downtown… Read more »

Update from 10:45 a.m. The explosion appears to have occurred at the building located at 115 N. Duke Street. Traffic is blocked on Duke St. from Chapel Hill Road to Morgan Street. People should avoid the area. Duke Hospital is preparing to triage those impacted by the explosion, so traffic along ED Drive is limited… Read more »