PDF version of the FY 19/20 Duke University Snow/Ice Priority Map (allows zooming)

Duke has established specific priorities for clearing of roads, parking lots and walkways during severe weather. Members of the Duke community should park in priority lots or garages during severe weather and use priority sidewalks and building entrances. Even after clearing, individuals are urged to use caution and follow the safety tips below during travel. Duke maintains 2.2 million square feet of high priority areas.

Safety Precautions

  • Sloped surfaces, stairs, ramps, and paths not identified as the preferred route of travel should be avoided.
  • Where possible walk inside (cut through) a building or parking garage to negotiate grade changes or to arrive at a preferred path of travel.
  • It is important to note that the “cleared priority area” does not mean that the driving/walking surfaces are dry and free of snow/ice or slippery conditions.
  • Surfaces that may be dry during the day may be slippery overnight and into the next day due to thaw and freeze cycles.
  • During on-campus basketball games, all fan parking areas are made a priority.

Navigating the Map

Click on any of the precinct names on the map to view a more detailed pdf of the area. Then, use the zoom feature as necessary to view specific areas of the map better. If you want to return to the overall map of campus, use the “back” button on your web browser.