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There were several employees injured from shattered glass during the explosion, and healthcare professionals are working to treat and care for those individuals. “Many Duke colleagues responded quickly and admirably to get help for their injured co-workers,” said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration and Duke’s emergency coordinator, “The coordinated efforts among Durham officials, Duke Police, and Duke University Health System has been exceptional and helped address immediate needs and mitigate further impact.”

While a majority of Duke buildings downtown Durham will be open tomorrow, those closest to explosion will likely remain closed and individuals will not be allowed in the area. Duke is waiting for clearance from the city regarding the buildings that were impacted or closed today and will coordinate communications with affected units once decisions regarding access to those buildings has been determined. Plans are underway to secure temporary space where necessary for buildings that were damaged or will be inaccessible in the immediate future. Decisions about the status of worksites, temporary relocation or reassignment for those working in buildings that are closed will be made by the appropriate school or department management teams. Employees should contact their supervisors for details as appropriate.

The Personal Assistance Service (PAS) is available for individual appointments or group meetings for faculty, staff or family members who need support. Students who need support should be encouraged to contact Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). Duke Chapel will also be open today until 10 p.m. for prayer, meditation, and reflection for the welfare of Durham and those affected by the gas explosion near downtown.

Updates will continue to be posted to this website as information becomes available.