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Below is an update on conditions as of 4 a.m.

  • All major and secondary streets on and around campus and health system were all cleared. Very little black ice was found.
  • Buses are up and running normal routes Wednesday morning.
  • All major parking lots and sidewalks on campus were cleared, (only a few small areas that were wet, have frozen over).
  • Hull Street is clear as well as the parking lot for The Little School is clear. The Dance parking lot has not been cleared.
  • The parking lot at the Jewish Center for Life has not been cleared yet.
  • Greystone, Carolina and Best Lots have not been cleared yet.
  • Sidewalk on Erwin Road from Anderson Street toward the hospital has not been cleared, which may create problems for staff members who walk from H Lot, Greystone Lot and Carolina Lot.
  • Medical Center entrances are clear with a few wet areas.
  • Very little traffic on the roads during the night. No incidents due to weather